Frederick Schroeder


Having worked professionally as a cinematographer out of California for over a decade, Frederick Schroeder is a rising talent in the world of independent film.

At the 2007 Sundance Film Festival he was nominated for Best Cinematography for his work on "Four Sheets to the Wind" which won Best Performance in the Dramatic Competition. In the summer of his freshman year at college Fred gained his first professional work as a crime scene videographer later moving to industrial films and video projects. Before he completed his undergraduate work at Loyola Marymount University, Fred was already shooting television shows, commercials and video projects. Fred has since gone on to shoot just under fifty commercials, working all over the world and winning numerous awards. In addition to his commercial work Fred has shot numerous short films and honed his skills as a second unit cameraman. The scope of this work has allowed him to shoot in various formats including 16/35mm, Hi-Def, and digital.

While adept and versatile at creating a wide breadth of looks from gritty realism and low key horror to lyrical naturalism and high key romanticism, Fred has maintained a unique and uncompromising vision and hopes to continue to create moving images which help to tell powerful stories.

commercial reel



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